Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reflection 6 - August 17, 2013

Mathematics is the study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols. 

“Mathematics is an excellent vehicle for the development and improvement of a person’s intellectual ability in logical reasoning, spatial visualisation, analysis and abstract thought” CPDD MOE

Ms Peggy Foo taught on lesson study, enrichment lessons and about differentiated instruction. The activities are engaging, challenging and fun.

Activity: Card Trick
Arranging the cards in a row and moving cards which have been removed by moving them upwards and another method is to draw our thoughts on solving the ‘trick”

Implications for Instruction:
  • Working with teachers
  • Manipulation of poker cards
  • Spelling the numbers,
  • Challenging and interesting.
  • Prior knowledge
  • Patterning & generalization

Activity: Paper Art (cut out figures from paper

  • Anticipate a pattern
  • Relate similarities
  • Simple to complex 

What do you see?
  • Describe
  • Observe
  • Visual

What do you think?
  • Inferring from patterns
  • Relationship, able to connect

How do you wonder?
  • Reason
  • Infer/generalization

Activity: Story- telling:
  • Before reading- story express
  • Predict the story based on given words
  • After reading - retell story through pictures or text

What have I learnt for this final session?
The following activities that reinforce what we as teachers and children need to develop for learning Mathematics:
  • Card trick: Patterning and generalization
  • Paper art: Visualization and patterning
  • Story telling: Pattering and differentiation – content, process, product

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